Inauguration of Capacity Building and Orientation program of Cluster Development Executives and Textile Designers under National Handloom Development Programme (NHDP), Ministry of Textiles was organized on Monday, the 16thJanuary, 2023 at Panthoibi Arcade, Wangkhei, Imphal 09:30 AM.

 The Program continued for 10 days with Shri Mutua Bahadur, Director of Mutua Museum; Shri K. Lamlee Kamei, Director of Handlooms & Textiles;  Shri. Dr. S Sureshkumar , Faculty , VMIMS Manipur University; Smt. Aurineeta Das, NIFT Shillong; Shri E. Jeeten Singh, Managing Director, MHHDC Ltd.; Shri. M. Ibohal Singh, Officer in Charge/ HoO, WSC, Imphal; Professor Rajmani Aheibam; Shri Y. Shantikumar Singh, Officer-in –charge(marketing), National Handloom Development Corporation Ltd. (NHDC) attended as Resource persons. The Cluster Development Executive of Heingang Handloom Cluster Smt. Olivia Chingakham and Textile Designers Shri. Samba Aheibam attended the Program.

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